Your Cleaning Routine

Hello, happy cleaners

Are you ready for some awesome tips? Today I want to talk about having a cleaning routine.

The way you go about cleaning is as important as the cleaning tools you are using.

You must first clear all clutter from the room you are starting with, grab a laundry basket

And a trash bag. Now you are ready to start clearing the trash and clutter by using the basket, grab the stuff that does not belong in that room and toss in the basket.

And obviously the trash goes in the bag 😊 this trick also works if you have an unexcepted guest on the way over you can at least Get the front room presentable and with a couple if sprits of your favorite are freshener, Mine is Currently Luna by Scentsy.


Now you are ready for the 2nd part it may look better but not clean until you remove

Dirt germs and who knows…. if you have little ones or teens am I right? lol the messes

Can sometimes resemble a natural disaster.

Always start at the top of the room and work down to floor when dusting, next you will

Want to wipe your window ceil and base boards, and then end tables and coffee table.

Now the more you do this the easier it gets you will also get faster so hang in there and crank up the music.

After what feels like an intense work out you can vacuum/ dustmop the floor always starting

In the far corner working your way out. Now just repeat from room to room.

If you have question or comments please let now, I would be more than happy to help.

Happy Cleaning


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