Ten points of contact that need to be disinfected daily

Now that we are getting our lives back to a more normal routine

It’s a good time to pay closer attention to disinfecting items that are

Touched multiple times a day by everyone in your household!

So I have put a list together, for you to refer to.

1. Remote Controls

2. Games controllers

3. All doorknobs

4. Garage Door Opener (don’t forget the one in the car)

5. Cell phones

6. Car door handles

7. Light switches

8. Cabinet handles

9. House phones

10. Appliances

These are the best ones I could come up with off the top of my head.

And keep following the hand washing rules, use sanitizer after touching public

Surfaces like ATMs and gas handle pumps.

For a great home planner to help keep you organized

Follow the link to my friend Britt plans I will receive a small commission at no cost to

You. Thanks in advance for your support.


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