Important Sidekicks for the Caddy

Good Afternoon Every One, I hope you all had a great weekend? I know I did!!

And with the weather getting warmer it makes me think of spring and spring cleaning!!!!

That's Right those words make me Happy, because it gives me the opportunity to clear

out the clutter that was collected over the past year.!! So to help make you're cleaning fun and more productive make sure you have these valuable sidekick tools in you're caddy! I always recommend you favorite music something peppy to get ya going.

Besides having a great All Purpose cleaner you will want a Glass cleaner and a good disinfectant. I also like to use a great smelling air freshener/ warmers with wax melts.

Mr. Clean eraser bars!! These little guys really do the hard part for you, perfect for removing soap scum and nasty germ. And they come in different sizes so you can chose the right size

for the job.

You will also want to have some micro fiber cleaning cloths. They come in an array of colors and this keeps you from cross contaminating while cleaning, different colors for each task. I also like having a couple cheap toothbrushes they work great around the cracks and the faucets.

There are so many cleaning tools on the market, some I have tried and loved, and some where well a waste of and time and money. research before you buy . i have a new steam mop coming this week 😊❤ and I feel like a kid on Christmas .... check back next month

to hear all the awesome details about it and how cleaning with steam is better for you and you're family.

Happy Cleaning All


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