Goal Setting

Today I wanted to talk about goal setting and why it's important. I want to share

with you how setting goals can help us to achieve our dreams and to give you a

better-organized home life.

Get yourself a notepad and write down one goal that you would like to work on.

Once you have a goal written down it becomes more real you can start to envision the goal becoming alive. You can really see yourself living out your dream. So what is your goal?

Maybe you have a goal of making sure the bulk of your housework is done before the weekend starts. So every day you will want to make sure you are doing your chore chart so you don't fall behind. This way you know come Friday night all the housework is done!! you now have your weekend to enjoy. Goal setting Is such a game changer once you start setting goals and accomplish them,you will be more likely to set bigger goals. which means bigger accomplishments.

Please feel free to ask questions or add comments. And like i said before I will be adding another service to my website soon, I will be certified to be a life coach. So Be watching for more information to come.

Happy Vibs Friends

Penny ✌😊

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