Get Your Cleaning Caddy

Updated: Apr 20

Hello and welcome to my first cleaning blog. my name is

Penny and i am so happy you are here. my goal is to help

you make your cleaning life fun and a little easier and get

your workout in 🤣🤣


Its important to be organized while you clean. Why ? because it will save you

time and energy.😊

So get yourself a good sturdy cleaning caddy. One big enough to put all

your cleaning supplies in. You will want an all purpose cleaner and a good

window cleaner also a spot remover very important if you have carpet / kids &pets

And don't forget to grab some micro soft cleaning cloths.

I like these because they really grab the dirt. and a some paper towels.

A good sturdy toilet brush cleaner and a pair of gloves.

I have so much i want to share and cant wait to meet you please send me any

question's you may have I will do my best to give you my best answer 😊

Stay tuned so much more to come

clean on and have fun


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