Cleaning With Steam

Tell the truth… how clean is your toilet? Could you take a black light to it? Most people

just squirt the cleaner in and swish it around with a toilet brush they should have burned

years ago, 😊 or worse maybe you never clean it at all (yikes I hope not)

But don’t worry I have a solution…. Steam, good old fashion water heated up 245 degrees

Now that’s Hot and at this temp the steam kills mold mildew, allergens in your home as

Well as germs, viruses and dust mite. It’s the perfect cleaning tool for any household with

Children and pets. The steam mop I have detaches so it becomes a handheld steamer

This works great in the bathroom, kitchen and on the curtains, toys pet beds literally any

surface you have. From my experience cleaning with a hand-held steam cleaning machine

it takes approximately 3 minutes of contact at 172 to 212 degrees to kill the germs and virus.

Which makes it totally awesome if you have a house hold full of kids during the winter months.

This also works for spring cleaning!!! Have you started yet? If not, you still have time, get that cleaning

List together and get started.

Having a hand-held steam cleaner is a game changer you can disinfect all your kitchen appliances in

An afternoon, it cuts right through the grease and grime on and in the oven and refrigerator and don’t

Forget about the washer and dryer I cleaned my washer yesterday and I was amazed at the amount

Of dirt that came off yikes!!!! Also keeping your appliances clean helps them last longer, and element’s

any nasty smells in the kitchen.

I also wanted to share with you all a podcast from my friend Estela from the

Estela Kelley Show I was a guest speaker on her show !!! I had so much fun and

Would love for you to take a listen. Thanks Friends have a great weekend 😊

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